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Sirius and Remus Fans Meetups

Sirius and Remus fans meetup
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This community was created to organize possible meetups between Sirius/Remus fans for the release of the last book 'Harry Potter and Deathly Hallows', but it can also be used for possible meetups.

The community is mainly designed for organizers to post locations and people interested to reply to their posts so they can see if they can meetup. Please refrain for posting random posts asking for someone to start a thread for a specific location.

For Posters starting a location thread

Please follow the following template:

Title: [Location] city, state, country

Organizer - [organizer name and/or LJ link]
Location - [remember to list city, state (US), and country]
Surrounding/Related Area - [places closeby]
Possible DH meetup locations - [list possible locations for meetups] [this CAN change if a location is decided on]

If you start a thread you are responsible for keeping that thread up to date. Please don't start a thread if you're not going to keep an eye on it.

Please tag your post with location and the city, state and country where the meetup might take place.


Please be polite.
Remember to mention which locations you can attend or ideas of other locations.
The organizer or thread starter is not responsible for everyone that replies to location thread.
Remember this is just in hopes to get Sirius/Remus fans together.

Locations List

Leipzig, Germany - assassin_nariel
Baltimore, Maryland, USA - baba_o_reily
Lansing, MI USA - sakaim
Lynnwood, Washington, USA - mrs_batman
Naperville, Illinois, USA - trowicia
Orlando, FL, USA - mykaa
Philadelphia PA USA - hello_geek