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Organizer - me? dreaminginblack
Location - Norte Shopping? Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brazil
Surrounding/Related Area - Méier, Estádio João Havelange (Engenhão), Igreja Universal
Possible DH meetup locations - Norte Shopping would be closer to me, but I'm not sure there's anything Harry Potter related going on at the Saraiva there. I'm open to suggestions, as well as days of meeting, if you're doing something else on Friday.

Lynnwood, Washington, USA

Organizer - mrs_batman 
Location - Barnes & Noble on Alderwood Mall Blvd in Lynnwood, Washington, USA.
Surrounding/Related Area - Lynnwood, Bothell, Mill Creek, Kenmore, Seattle, Everett, etc. The store is visible from the intersection of 196th St SW (WA state highway 524) and Alderwood Mall Blvd. I don't know from how far you'd want to come, since you would have to drive back to your home to start reading and such.
Possible DH meetup locations - At the store (or in the cafe). I am willing to give out my cell number in a locked post if you're worried about not seeing each other in the huge store. I plan to arrive sometime between nine and ten-thirty (it'll be determined closer to the date) with a couple of friends. It would be awesome to have new people to talk with while waiting for DH! If you're in the Seattle area and don't mind coming to Lynnwood to get the book, then join us!

Alternately, if anyone wants to meet up sometime Friday before going to their bookstore of choice that's cool as well. I've taken all of Friday off (geek much?) to 'prepare' so my day is open. I'm in Bothell and my traveling is limited to as far north as Everett, as far south as Seattle, as far east as Issaquah, and as far west as... well, as long as I don't have to take a ferry I'm cool. :)
Title: Lansing, MI USA

Organizer - sakaim
Location - Barnes & Noble: West Saginaw St (Lansing Mall), Lansing, MI USA
Surrounding/Related Area - It's in the Lansing Mall, which is across from the Meijer on West Saginaw.
Possible DH meetup locations - Seems easiest to meet at B&N, but probably around four, as they start giving out wristbands at 6PM with your place in line on it.


[Location] Philadelphia PA

Organizer - hello_geek
Location - Philadelphia PA USA
Surrounding/Related Area - greater Philly area, south Jersey, Delaware, Lehigh Valley, etc
Possible DH meetup locations - I would love love love to have a meetup either Thursday evening at a coffee shop in Philadelphia or sometime Friday afternoon. I imagine we all have our own release parties to attend, but some pre-release slashing would be nice.

(I wanted to add the tags location, philadelphia, pennsylvania, usa to this post, but I get an error that I'm not allowed to tag?)

[Location] Naperville, IL, USA

Organizer: trowicia

Location: downtown Naperville, IL, USA (The Party That Shall Not Be Named)

Surrounding/Related Area: Anderson's Bookshop, and a list of participating businesses downtown as well as the activities and events that will be going on

Meetup Location: I've never been to downtown Naperville before, but you can take a look at the above links and comment with ideas for locations and we could decide on what would be best.

Meetup Time: Sometime on Friday, the 20th, before the book release. Please comment with what times would be best for you.

People Interested: 1

Downtown Naperville is supposed to have a ton of stuff going on, I think it would be a lot of fun. :)


Hi all.

Organizer: Technically Barnes and Noble but we'll say its baba_o_reily (me)
Location: Barnes and Noble in the Baltimore Inner Harbor, Maryland, USA (It's a stone's throw from the Aquarium. You really can't miss it. I think it has about three or four stories.)
Surrounding Area: Baltimore Inner Harbor

Note: Please be aware that this meet up offer extends only to the 21st (because even I won't be there after that). I just happen to be in Baltimore that weekend and would love for any one of you to come up and say hello.

[Location] Orlando, Florida, USA

Organizer - Myka
People Interested - 1
Meetup Location - none specified
Possible meetup locations: Florida Mall, Altamonte Mall, Waterford Lakes Town Center, Oviedo Marketplace, Universal City Walk, Downtown Disney.

Remember location suggestions welcomed!